Wednesday, September 20, 2006

To blog or not to blog

Apologies for a lack of bloging lately. I’ve been extremely busy with my other life (er, that is, my real life), but more to the point, I’ve been contemplating the point of bloging. I originally started a blog just as an experiment. I had no idea what I would blog about (see first post), but I thought it would be nice to have a bit of an outlet. Looking back, many of the posts I’ve made have been ranting about silly little things, like how amusingly over the top the doomsday crowd is, or alternatively I’ve posted little news articles that I’ve come across and found interesting.

But ranting about morons that are convinced the world is about to end serves no purpose except to blow some steam off. And I’m beginning to wonder why I should make an effort to post about all the cool technology developments that are occurring more and more frequently. I’ll find some great piece of news, but then I realise that it’s already been discussed in many dozens of locations, usually in places that enjoy many more hits then my humble little blog does, and I kind of wonder why should I bother writing up a piece that won’t be adding anything new to the wealth of information out there?

Blogging is a strange beast. Some people, such as those I link to in the sidebar, do fantastic jobs of writing up interesting commentary on their subject matter, whereas some people often just post quick links to news items of interest they have come across, and little else. Some people blog about their professional careers, some blog about some hobby or interest (like in this blog for example, I blog about what personally interests me – technology and the future of human kind). Many people just blog about their daily lives, their blog serving as a kind of online diary.

So I guess the question to be asked, is why blog, and in what form? I’m often tempted to post links to various news items I find, but then I wonder, why? I guess for me blogging only makes sense if you are going to add some interesting commentary, but personally, I find it very difficult to find the time. I’m just not sure if I should bother. I suspect my time would be better spent reading what others have to say rather then adding my voice to the chorus of millions.

Today’s rant has basically been an outlet to voice my concern for my feeling of the pointlessness desktop journalism. I’m thinking that I won’t be posting news articles anymore unless it’s something that really fascinates me.

But after having this little rant, it becomes clearer to me why I bother with bloging. Voicing ones opinion, no matter how small that voice may be, is a remarkable privilege and a fantastic opportunity. Even when you’re too busy to update more then once a fortnight.